Serfas Brake Pads Semi Metallic

Serfas Brake Pads Semi Metallic


Serfas’ innovative brake pads provide the ultimate reliable stopping power.

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  • Semi Metallic For Durability
  • Compatibility-
    • Clarks: S2, Clout 1
    • Giant: Root
    • Promax: DSK-718R, DSK-909, E-Capsule, F1, Lucid, Solve
    • Quad: QHD-1
    • RST: D-Power
    • Shimano: BR-C501, BR-C601, BR-M315, BR-M355, BR-M375, BR-M395, BR-M415, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M445, BR-M446, BR-M447, BR-M465, BR-M475, BR-M485, BR-M486, BR-M495, BR-M515, BR-M515LA, BR-M525, BR-M575, BR-M3050, BR-M4050, BR-T615, BR-T675, BR-TX805
    • Tektro: HD-E350, HD-T285, MD-C510, MD-M280, MD-U510, MD-M500, MD-M300, HD-M290, HD-M291, HD-E500, HD-E520, HD-E530, HD-E525, HD-M700, HD-T520, HD-T530, HD-T525, HD-E715, HD-M350, HD-M352, HD-M351, HD-M500, HD-M501, HD-M520, HD-M521, HD-M300, HD-M301, HD-M330, HD-M282, MD-C400, HD-M720, HD-M730, HD-M735, HD-M740, HD-T290, HD-T710
    • TRP: Dash Sport, Hylex, Hylex RS, HY/RD, Parabox R, Slate X2, Spyke, Spyre, Spyre SLC


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